Homestay in Nagasaki

Strongly Recommended!

An integral component of this unique Nagasaki experience is the homestay. Host families are carefully selected for their interest in other cultures, their houses’ proximity to The Class, and their upstanding reputation in the community to make each student’s homestay an unforgettable experience. The Class interns should live with a Japanese family for 2-4 weeks to give students the chance to improve their Japanese in real-life situations.

Logistics Info

  • 2~4 weeks, depending on each student / family's preferences
  • ¥25,000 Japanese yen for 2 weeks
  • Includes breakfast and dinner
  • You are on your own for transportation between The Class and the house

I want to apply! How?

When you submit your intern application (See Intern Programs), there will be an option to apply to homestay. Let us know your preferences there!