The Class施設紹介

The Class is located in central Nagasaki, close to downtown 中通り. We have a two-floor structure; the first floor is a parking lot, and the second floor showcases our primary teaching facilities. 


Our classroom was designed with two main goals in mind: comfort, and usability. We wanted to ensure that our students enjoyed learning, and that entails a comfortable study environment. Consequently, our classroom is brightly lit, with an open and broad central area, allowing our students plenty of space. Meanwhile, we cannot sacrifice usability for comfort, and thus our classroom is still furnished with traditional whiteboards, desks and chairs, a projector, bookshelves, a television, and a central stage for short speeches, skits, and performances. The primary classroom can be divided by a separator wall, which partitions the space into two smaller classrooms. 

Apart from the classroom, we have a small conference room designed for individual meetings, interviews, parent-teacher discussions, and test-taking. We took care that the room is well-lit with broad windows and glass doors. 


If you're ever curious what The Class looks like behind the counters---our staff room is fully equipped with a mini-kitchen (fridge, sink and stove included), air-conditioning, a white board, and shelves of books, teaching materials, learning supplies. 

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