The Class Internship Opportunity

We are currently recruiting international students to intern at The Class! Both college and high school students are welcome. We designed special programs for each major in order to maximize your learning experience. Experience Nagasaki and Japanese culture while you learn, interact, and blend in with local Japanese life!

Experience Nagasaki

Nagasaki is special because of its rich history and preserved local culture. Other than being a site of atomic bombings, it also used to be the only port open to international trading during the Edo period in Japan. Click here to learn more!

Homestay Opportunities

Students have the option to stay with local Japanese families. If you want to experience local Japanese culture, don't miss this opportunity! For more information, see our page on homestay programs.

Tailored Programs

Our internship packages differ based on your focus and major. These programs include: Japanese language, education, marketing, art internships, and more! Check it out here.

Quotes from Our Previous Interns


“… The opportunity to intern at The Class was an extremely valuable experience, probably more so than anything I would be doing otherwise.”                    — Alex

“I can’t believe this really happened! I just want to thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to come to Japan to assist you. My experience here has truly been amazing. You’ve shown me the most authentic/ genuine Japanese culture here in Nagasaki. I absolutely love everything here, including the food, people, and quiet atmosphere here! I’m so glad that my first experience in Japan was Nagasaki!” — Joanne


“Being a TA in The Class has been eye-opening in understanding what goes behind the scenes of teaching. Coming to Nagasaki, I honestly didn’t realize I would be as inspired and as in awe as I am. The city is AMAZING and I sincerely love and hope to visit again. At night when the cicadas start chirping and the sounds of おくんち practice permeate the air… just wow, that 感動 is hard to describe.”         — Cynthia